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Goblin Valley State Park, UT

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This park had been on my bucket list for about 4 years before I managed to make it there. Great for sight seeing, hiking and mountain biking. Its not a huge park. You can see everything in just a few hours if you don't plan on staying overnight. If you do stay overnight you are in luck, it's one of the dark sky parks! That means there is very little artificial light to interfere with star gazing. The 'goblins' are made of sandstone, the harder sandstone resists erosion, when the softer sandstone wears away the 'goblins' are left.

I took a 2.5 mile hike out to Goblins Lair. Some of the scenery was beautiful but I'm not going to lie - I wouldn't do it again. The trail was not well marked. By the amount of footprints going in many directions I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way. I'm very glad I had my All Trails app to keep me on the trail. Here are a few pictures of the hike.

It was hot (duh - it's the desert) and I felt the lair was anticlimactic. If anyone has done this hike and feels differently, please share your experience in the comments. Just because I was not impressed with this hike doesn't detract from how amazing some of the scenery is and how amazing the goblins are. Not every hike can be The Narrows... Next time I go back I will be wandering through the goblins. It is worth a return trip - absolutely. There are other trails in the park, I'll choose one of them to hike. It was absolutely worth the detour to see this park. The 'goblins' are fascinating, each one with their own personality. There's more to Utah than the Big Five!

Three Sisters

What I'm drinking:

I'm on the move today so I have my coffee in my Moab Coffee Roasters double walled canteen. I love this thing. Keeps my coffee hot and it's easier than a travel mug when I'm not standing still. Yes, that's a dent in it. I use it frequently.

Moab Coffee Roasters is located right in the middle of Moab, UT. If you're in the area visiting a few of the "Mighty Five" and would like some good coffee in a splendid atmosphere stop by and pick up a pound or two to go! Here is their website.


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