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Three NP Sites in one Day

Updated: May 3, 2023

When I know I'm going to be traveling somewhere I do some research to find out if there's anything interesting, on my bucket list or any National Park Site along the way or not far out of the way. In 2021 I drove across country from New York to San Diego. The first thing I did was get out my National Park Passport book (affiliate link) to see if there were any parks or historic sites I could visit on my way out west. I found three in one general area of central Pennsylvania so I adjusted my route to be able to visit them. Below are pictures of my Passport book. If you're a National Park fan or want to become one I highly recommend them!

Allegheny Portage Railroad

Located in Duncansville, PA, this little historical site was a great little park with so much to learn. Back in our history when canals were used to transport goods a railroad was built to transport the barges over the mountains. Who knew? These little parks are so worth the detour! Below are some pictures. Click here for more info on this park.

Johnstown Flood National Memorial

Less than an hour from Allegheny Portage Railroad is a memorial site for the victims of the Johnstown Flood in 1889. A dam burst in the middle of the night and flooded the town 14 miles downstream. Having never seen in person the devastation a flood can have this memorial was impactful.

Flight 93 National Memorial

Again, a short drive from the Johnstown Memorial is the Flight 93 Memorial. This site was very somber compared to the last. The visitor's center was a quiet as a library. It's quite spread out with plenty of places to take a walk.

Three very different parks that can be done together in less than a day. Bring your cameras and your reverence.

What I'm drinking today:

Not far from Shanksville is a local coffee roaster: Monroe's Coffee. They are located in Ligonier, PA. What I like about this company is they offer 1 lb of coffee for less than many companies offer for 12 oz. They have fun names for some of their coffee like 'Dark Side of the Moon'. When you order two pounds of coffee you save on shipping. You can find their website here. I love a good, hot cup of coffee!


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