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My Own Green Smoothie Powder

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I've been making my own green powder for smoothies for a few years now. It contains a wide variety of edible weeds and greens from the garden. The picture above is a little misleading, the color is usually dark green but two of my kids absconded with my summer greens this past fall. The jars above have more cucumber and zucchini than I normally have in my mix.

Note, there is an affiliate link in the post. Should you click on it and make a purchase I get a small fee with no increase in price on your end.

When plants start sprouting after a long winter I start picking my greens. The 'weeds' I harvest include purslane, plantain, dandelion, mallow, oregano, thyme and lambs quarter.

When picking your greens please make sure they have not been exposed to chemicals! Our farm is organic (not on paper as I have no use for town governments and it's just for me anyway.) I wash the greens well then I put them in my dehydrator set at 115 for a few hours. I like having a square dehydrator like this one with 10 trays. I feel it holds more than a round one, and for some things like jerky I like to skip rows to promote greater air flow. You do not need a dehydrator to dry greens. You can put them in your oven on its lowest setting until dry or leave them out on paper towels or clean screens until dry. I am a miser when it comes to electric so I will typically start out air drying the greens and finishing in the dehydrator. Once totally dry they go in my Vitamix until they are a fine powder. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of picking and drying to get a quart jar of greens but I think it's worth the work. I get a wide variety of greens, I get to choose what goes in it and it costs me a lot less than $25 a container for green powder!

When the garden gets going I add kale, swiss chard, cucumber, zucchini and whatever happens to be growing that I want to add. If spinach goes on sale I'll buy a few bags and dehydrate those as well. In the fall I use my friends freeze dryer and add pumpkin (peeled and chunked ) and beets (scrubbed and sliced)! Add what you like. If you are allergic to something skip it!

Vitamix full of freeze dried pumpkin

Pulverized Pumpkin

Not much powder from a full pumpkin about 8 inches round at the start...

When I make whatever smoothie I'm in the mood for I add about 1 Tablespoon full of green powder to the Vitamix. (A Vitamix is expensive but a massive work horse and totally worth it!) I also make fruit powder - but that's a separate post. Find that here.

I hope this post gets you thinking about low cost ways to seriously boost your nutrition! What are some things you do?

What I'm drinking today:

Prairie Fire Ozark Maple Walnut

Oh how I wish you could smell these coffee beans! Heavenly! And the taste is amazing as well! Look them up online here


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