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Nutritious Smoothies

Updated: May 3, 2023

When I make a smoothie I usually plan ahead. Tea is good for you but I am not a tea drinker (could you tell?) I will make a cup of strong tea with usually two different kinds of tea to get the benefit of the tea without the taste of tea.

When it cools down that is most of the liquid in my smoothies. I'll also add cherry juice, apple pectin juice (homemade) along with two tablespoons of the green powder mix and one teaspoon of the fruit powder mix. I use one teaspoon if I'm adding in citrus powder mix. I will also add the papery skin of onions. I know what you're thinking. This woman has lost her marbles. Maybe. Onion skin is a rich source of quercetin - the compound that fights off Corona virus. It does not pulverize well so be aware there will be little bits of skin in the smoothie which won't really be smooth. I promise you won't taste the onion. I also add a pinch of magnesium powder as I know I'm always low, I add a pinch of sulfur powder, A few years ago on a trip to Nova Scotia I discovered Dulse otherwise known as seaweed.

Dulse Flakes

It is also rich in nutrients and does not pulverize well in smoothies. I add two scoops of Elevate Protein powder - usually chocolate , sometimes hemp hearts, a small amount of nutritional yeast maybe half a teaspoon (it doesn't taste great but is good for you), and whole fresh fruit - whatever is available. When you make your own, use whatever you like and whatever your body needs!

It all goes in the Vitamix and mixed together on high for at least a minute. I let it settle for a few minutes, remix on low, let it settle and pour it into my plastic bottle with flip top lid. It will settle in the bottle as I never seem to drink it quickly (I don't drink anything quickly) so I shake the bottle before I take a sip. You can see from the picture below the bits of onion skin and dulse. Doesn't taste bad, just has a few soft bits in it. And it's healthy.

Some of those bits are apple peel. I throw the whole apple in without the seeds. Lots of fiber and nutrients!

For more information about the Elevate Protein Powder with 1 gram of Carbs send an email to with 'mela' in the subject line.

What am I drinking today? My smoothie packed with homegrown goodness and variety!

What do you put in your smoothies?


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